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Get Rid of Garage Door Accidents Anxieties

11/05/2013 Back To Blog

If you could predict accidents, you wouldn't worry about them and call yourself a prophet. What you can do is reduce the chances and change the circumstances that might cause them. When people think about garage door accidents, they have in mind a collapsing door but, in reality, most accidents occur due to damaged or improperly installed garage door parts and most victims are children according to the latest surveys conducted by Garage Door Repair Braintree.

Good maintenance reduces the dangers

Regular garage door service is one secure way of ensuring safety. After all, it is not a coincidence that most experts agree that it must take place twice a year. Though, you shouldn't consider it the solution to all problems and you should certainly refrain from trusting wholeheartedly the good functioning of all parts because you can never be too sure with machines. Frequent annual services are obligatory but you should never neglect fixing damages in between. Extension springs repair must take place immediately and never wait for the next scheduled appointment.

Garage door rules for kids

They are innocent and playful and, thus, the easiest victims. You don't have to constrain them but teach them certain things that will keep them safe and follow some rules yourself.

• Teach them about the dangers of a snapped garage door cable or spring. Kids are just young, not stupid.

• Your remote controls can be a great toy but also a dangerous tool. Keep them away from children and make sure the wall switch is installed above their height.

• Make an excellent example by refraining from standing under the open panel or passing under a closing one. Kids love imitating the movements of grown-ups.

• Don't let them play close to the mechanism. Prefer the yard or an actual playground.

Rules for diy garage door service

You must be very careful when you do your own repairs and maintenance. You might think you are an experienced handyman but doors are tricky and some parts are even dangerous. It is one thing cleaning the panel or lubricating the garage door rollers and another fixing spring problems. You must always protect your hands by wearing thick gloves, cover your face and follow the right procedures for service as written in the manual.

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