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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Need Liftmaster door opener repair? Our company specializes in electric garage door opener services

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

The best garage door repair services by technicians with knowledge and expertise

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are the best choice for garage door spring replacement and adjustment

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Clear, thorough and unbiased answers to all questions on garage doors that you have.

Why safety cables are significant?

Don't get confused with the regular garage door cables. Safety cables are good to be installed at extension garage door spring systems according to our professionals in Braintree. They are laced in between extension springs and keep them in place in case they break. They actually prevent accidents and, thus, installed for solely safety reasons.

Are nylon rollers recommended?

Nylon garage door rollers are perfect for those who cannot stand noise. The nylon material around the rollers keeps steel from coming in direct contact with the tracks and so they make much less noise. They are a tad more expensive though and will eventually get worn but they are an excellent solution for silent rollers.

How can I prevent springs from breaking?

When you know how long your garage door springs are manufactured to last, take care of them with maintenance and lubrication, adjustment and repairs, you can actually prevent them from snapping as the experts of our garage door company in Braintree say. Preventive measures also include checking them often and replacing them on time.

How often should I clean the garage door?

This is certainly not a weekly task and it will depend on the weather conditions of your location. Though, garage doors get dusty and dirty quickly and it is wise to clean them well at least twice every year preferably in early spring and late fall. Garage door parts move better when they are cleaned.

Should I tamper with garage door springs?

You probably shouldn’t do that unless you have a very good reason to. Braintree garage door experts advise that you consult your manual and follow it to the letter if you truly must work on the springs. Otherwise, simply lubricate it so it can do its job and contact us for further information and assistance.

What are the pros and cons of using wooden material for my garage door?

Wood is the second popular material for a garage door. It gives your home an elegant and classic look. However, there are high maintenance costs involved since it is more prone to damage due to the changing weather and other natural elements.

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